Cliqon is a website development system and application development system, created with PHP server-side scripts plus a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript files to power a content management and administration system. It utilises the latest programming methodologies. It allows designers and developers to create web sites and applications for customers, extremely quickly and without many of the limitations that appear prevalent in competing systems.

Open source

Cliqon Version 4 is released as Open Source software. We believe that many hands can deliver powerful outcomes. The collective power of a community of talented individuals working in concert delivers not only more ideas, but quicker development and troubleshooting when issues arise. You get full visibility into the code base, as well as all discussions about how the community develops features and addresses bugs. Because there are more eyes on it, the reliability of open source code tends to be superior as well. In fact, open source code now powers about 90% of the internet and is being rapidly adopted across major enterprises for this reason.

Although open source solutions should be thought of as more than just free software, the fact that they require no licensing fees remains a decisive advantage when looking at the total cost of deploying a solution.


Building a community around a piece of open source software can be slow, hard work and success is contingent on many things. Nevertheless, without a community, there simply is no project. Community building does not happen automatically and has to be carefully managed. All communities start with users, attracted by the software’s packaging and branding, or word-of-mouth recommendations. Once they arrive, however, the challenge then is living up to these high expectations.

The paragraph above is a summarised extract from Karl Fogels's book on Producing Open Source Software. Our job as the original authors and maintainers is to provide a collaborative environment which has benefits for all contributors. This web site has the links to the web based tools that support our new community.

Please read our:

  • Open source license
  • Contributing guidelines and information
  • Code of Conduct



In common with many open source software projects, the Authors of Cliqon have adopted a model for providing support to developers and users that involves both the community and the author Company, Webcliq.

This website provides a link to the Community Forum which will be the best place for dealing with all manner of issues including providing advice, solutions to problems, patches and release of information about what the Authors, other contributors and the Community, in general, is doing with Cliqon.

If some major activity or aspect of the project occurs we can always give it its own menu entry off the main website.

In principle we would like to think that most support can be provided free of charge. However when the Authors or Contributors are asked to undertake major activities to support a particular situation, the option to charge for the service is provided.

Cliqon is made available by the Webcliq Company and organisation and it has the facilities to charge for its services, issue invoices and receive payments via PayPal and Credit Card.

If you want to say "thank you" to us as the original Authors of the software, there is a "Buy us a beer" link on the footer of each page of the website.


Webcliq has the Authors of Cliqon are pleased to undertake a wide range of projects related to Cliqon and beyond.

We of Webcliq describe our Company as an "internet presence provider", that is, we are happy to undertake any projects that relate to hardware or software and the internet. Webcliq is based on Mallorca, an island in the Meditterranean Sea. Mallorca is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural island and, according to the European Commission, has the widest range of different language speakers in Europe.

Webcliq has been in existence since 2002 and originally started the writing the software that we call Cliqon in 2003. It has been the basis of hundreds of projects and websites since that time. Webcliq has developed a local Business Directory, called Ojored, a local Classified Advertising program, web software for hotels, luxury boats and tourism.

What could we do for you? Use the Contact Us page to make contact with your request or email info@webcliq.com.