Support resources

Managing an adequate support system for an Open Source project can be very demanding. We encourage you to use the right vehicle to obtain support.


We developed our own on-line manual and access to the website on which the Manual is hosted . – is provided from links on a production version Cliqon and this website, in various places. The Manual for Cliqon is written as a Document in Open Document Format. This document may be downloaded from the Knowledgebase, in order that you can make modifications to you to satisfy the needs of your end user clients and possibly to brand it for your own use.

This document has also been converted to PDF format and this is also available from the Knowledgebase. The content of the sections of the manual document are then copied to the on-line manual. It was for this reason, that we were unable and unwilling to use a traditional WiKi such as Dokuwiki as this only utilises Markdown, whilst we want to maintain the content of the Manual in a much wider format.

As you will appreciate, the Manual is and always will be, a work in progress. You can expect regular alterations and additions to it. The more important additions will be notified in the Newsfeed.


Many Developers are familiar with the concept of Stackoverflow. It is a great service and in the future perhaps Cliqon will have the level of exposure that it will feature on Stackoverflow. In any event we have always desired to be self-sufficient and to achieve that end, we have published several excellent support facilities. The first of these is a knowledgebase and frequently asked questions facility at This operates like a Stackoverflow system. It requires Registration to answer a question but not to ask one. We provide this software as a service to our Community. It can be used for questions about Cliqon and third party contributions. Experience of other systems suggests that many of the questions will be about aspects of operating all different types of internet software, of which Cliqon will only be a part.

It is important to note that we will not respond to general questions which we know or deem to not relate to Cliqon in the Forum. Furthermore, we will not respond to and we will delete issues from, the Issues and Bugs system which are not faults, issues and bugs in the production version of Cliqon written and published by Webcliq.

This is the reason that we have published a Question and Answer Knowledgebase so that there is no division between questions that are on and off target.


If you have a good look at the how the Knowledgebase software works, you will observe that it is not realy moderated, nor does it have the facility to manage uploading of files as attachments or multi-threaded conversations. We provide the Forum for that purpose. We will use the Forum ourselves to manage activities related to the publishing of new updates etc. We will also given important Partners and Contributors their own areas on the Forum.

Issues and Bugs

An issue or bug is when the Cliqon software does not do what is supposed to do. Questions, feature requests and tasks are not bugs or issues. We are providing an Issues system that will log faults and bugs on the system. We are trying out a system called Caravela. We need a system that supports not only the base system but third party plugins and modules. A system such as Issues within Github does not do that.

Please note that we reserve the right to redirect any requests that are not really bugs in Cliqon to a more appropriate platform.


News items will be collated from all parts of the concern and these will entered onto the newsfeed. You can subscribe to receive the Newsletter from the Subscribe form on the main Cliqon home page. Look for the RSS newsfeed icon on the home page. Click on that icon and you will display the current items in the newsfeed. On the popup newsfeed is another icon which will give you the link to the newsfeed that you can copy into other programs.

Social Networking

We have setup accounts with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Paid support resources

Webcliq, the original authors of Cliqon and their Partners are pleased to offer their services on a paid basis to help with all aspects of installing, configuring, problem solving and developing Cliqon. For the time being use the Contact Us form or send an email to, with a brief explanation of your requirements plus details of how to contact you and we will respond promptly.