The Cliqon audience is a growing community of web professionals and customers who are looking for development, hosting and professional support.

Official Cliqon partners get a prominent link in the Partner Directory and a detailed profile page. The profile page displays a business description, optional map, showcase of previous projects and imagery. A partner's profile page will be listed on this website forever, so you can refer to it from your website and get recognition as a platform expert.

If you are a developer and can create new templates, themes for existing templates, new applications, modules and plugins, for Cliqon you can share your products on the software directory.

The core Cliqon framework must remain open-source and freely available to download. It contains code from other developers who have made their code open-source and therefore we see no necessity, opportunity or requirement to monetise the Cliqon core offering. However the opportunity exists for those who wish to take advantage, to monetise the additional software that can be downloaded from the software directory.

All the information that you will require to contribute to Cliqon or leverage it for your own purposes are included in the Cliqon Documentation.

We have added the facility to require a donation via PayPal as a precursor to the download process. We can also support the linking of a paid module or plugin to an individual domain. This is explained in more detail in the manual.

We can assist regular and active contributors with their own support forums, categories on the knowledge base, download areas and content delivery network subfolders.

To sign into your Partner account use the Administration link in the Footer.

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