As we have explained previously, Cliqon has a long history and has been used to develop websites and applications for clients for nearly 15 years. In that time and for earlier versions of Cliqon we have developed additional modules and applications. Below is a wish list of applications that we propose to develop ourselves or cooperate very closely with Partners to ensure that the list is developed. The list is in some sort of order of priority.

Content management system clone

Any Developer who imagined that a basic production version of Cliqon could be used to replace a CMS, such as Wordpress, would be dissatisfied with the facilities offered by Cliqon. By default, Cliqon is designed to give Developers the degree of flexibity that Wordpress lacks. The fact that Cliqon can be used to animate any HTML template, whatever its source and without any limitations on what can be achieved by the Developer for the Designer. However some Developers value the ability to generate a CMS style website from a pre-existing and pre-programmed theme by page wizards that are made available through a simplified administration system. Cliqon is not such a system but can be programmed to be one. We would like to make it available during the Spring of 2018.

Shopping and Order processing

An important and integral part of earlier versions of Cliqon was an eCommerce system. We have known for a very long time that the ideal solution for an on-line shopping system is to link an existing Accounting system, used in the office of the final user client, with an on-line catalogue, cart and order processing system developed in Cliqon. For many years Cliqon integrated with the PC server based Omni Accounting system. However the complete lack of joint marketing effort made our involvement with Omni Accounts somewhat one sided. Unfortunately we have been unable to find a well developed, modern and stable web based accounting system with whom to partner and we have come to the conclusion we shall have to write our own.

Business Directory

The earliest application created with Cliqon was a local business directory. This will be on the list to be updated to Cliqon Version 4.

Classified Advertising

The next application created to be updated will be the Classified Advertising application. This was originally designed as an enhancement to the Business Directory.

Jobs Board

The Jobs Board and Recruitment management software that we developed was primarily a specific development of Classified Advertising.

Auction System

Another earlier application that was a development of the Classifuied Advertising was an Auction House System where the adverts became items for sale in an Auction.

Accounting System

Finally and as we explained earlier, it will be necessary to add a straightforward book-keeping and accounting application to several of the applications mentioned above.