About Us

The original concept for Cliqon can be traced back to 2002. We were given a challenge to design, develop and operate a multi-lingual internet based Business Directory for the island of Mallorca. As part of the marketing plan, we realised that businesses that we approached related to advertising in the directory, might also be interested in a web site. No one deliberately sets out to write a software program from scratch if there is something already on the market. However in 2002, no web site builder or content management system that was properly multi-lingual existed. Thus the web software that we know as Cliqon was born.

We at Webcliq have been writing web sites and applications for customers since 2003. The first version of Cliqon was written in Microsoft ASP. We converted to PHP in 2007 with the launch of Cliqon Version 2. This was also the date when the brand name Cliqon and various derivatives made an appearance. The Webcliq business suffered badly during the economic crisis in Europe at the end of the first decade of the century. It is now recovering which gives us the time and the opportunity to write a new version of Cliqon and launch that as an open source software product.

Publishing and promoting Cliqon as an open source software product means creating a Community and sharing control of the future and the development of Cliqon with that Community.

Cliqon software is not perfect but as Karl Fogel remarked, if you wait for a perfect product the launch will never happen. We have worked hard to provide the Community all the necessary tools to start work. The rest of the story is yours.